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I'm obsessed with story—with the subtle way language and words interact to create an emotion.

For more than 15 years I've told stories professionally. In my previous corporate role, I led a story-telling team that developed complex creative campaigns enjoyed by millions of customers. We executed these campaigns—design, language, video, music, & illustration— in both digital and print mediums.

Since then, I've distilled this decade+ of experience, challenges, and lessons-learned-the-hard-way into a unique process that drives results for my clients.

I love my work, my clients, and the diversity of projects I get to work on. If you'd like to connect about working together, just click here.



What I Do

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What I Don't Do

Audio Recording/Editing

Event Management

Film Editing

Film Production



Motion Graphics

Media Buying

One-off Design Work (brochures, logos, etc.)

Package Design





Social Media Management

Web Design/Development

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"I had the privilege of working for B.T. for nearly 7 years. He led a large team of creatives and spoke into every discipline we offered—content, design, and video. You simply won’t meet someone who has such a sharp eye for what will resonate with clients.  

If you want to make an idea brilliant, ask B.T. to help you. If you’re proud of your idea but need it to be A+, B.T. will give you that final nudge to perfection."

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5 Promises I Make To My Clients

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My Work

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"I had the privilege of working closely with B.T. for nearly a decade. I've never met someone who cares more deeply than B.T.—for both people and results.

His hands-on approach to leadership & creative work gives him the rare ability to take a project from vision to reality. I'm proud to call B.T. a close friend, and I know his amazing talents can benefit other organizations in the same way they've helped shape ours."

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My Work


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"B.T. has this mystifying talent to be fully engaged in an intense meeting, calmly stop all discussion, and call out the root of the problem. In a meeting, he can produce a game-changing idea at any moment. B.T. at his heart is an artist, and a great one. He's able to see themes and the big picture from a perspective that is vital to businesses and professional groups."

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