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And I'm a millennial grandpa 👴🏻. 

The first millennial babies came into the world in 1981, the year I was born. We're the generation of Nintendo, Lunchables, Oregon Trail, & TMNT.

Ever since then I’ve been working overtime to figure myself out and how my story fits into the bigger story of what's happening around me. It's been a blast so far, tbh. 

I realized years ago that you can’t separate your personal & professional lives, so I'm just gonna give you both here.

The "normal" categories of life has always evaded me. I've always sorta felt like a walking bundle of contradictions.

Here's what I mean...

  • I’m an introvert who loves people. #infp

  • I'm a creative who also loves leadership. #youcandoboth

  • I’m a small-town kid who loves big-city life. #ATL

  • I’m at home in a cocktail bar or a Cracker Barrel. #okraandoldfashioneds

  • I love college football and show tunes. #rolltide #rollnewsies #rollhamilton

  • Some say I’m too liberal. Some say I’m too conservative. #independent

So welcome to my little conflicted world...

Whether you're a client, a friend, or a follower on Instagram, you get all of me here, because that is precisely all I've got to give. Cheers!

— B.T. Harman

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here's a quick snapshot of me...

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Most of my life I've gone by the name Brett Trapp. But that changed in 2018 when I got married. 

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We live in Atlanta’s historic Cabbagetown neighborhood inside this old cotton mill

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For 12 years, I worked for a really great company and eventually became a Vice-President.

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But now I work for myself as a Creative Strategist, helping companies solve unique problems. 

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I told a really personal story on the Internet once. It’s called Blue Babies Pink.

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You can't spell ABOUT without BT. From Alabama to Atlanta, here's a bit of where life has taken me. 

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Here's how I help companies solve their biggest creative challenges.  

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Sometimes they give me a microphone and a stage. Here's what happens next...



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A roundup of quick audio excerpts from podcast appearances. I discuss leadership to sexuality and everything in between.