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Booster is America's premier fundraising company for elementary schools.* Nearly 2 million students will experience a Boosterthon Fun Run this year.

*How do I know? Because I worked there for 11 years. They really are the best.

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Booster had accumulated a massive archive of relics from nearly two decades of history.

Photos, posters, t-shirts, and all kinds of memorabilia filled about a dozen boxes in the company's warehouse. In 2018, they wanted to use the items to create a historical display that would showcase significant moments and mementos from the past.

So they called me to spearhead the project...

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I sorted through the archives and then designed a master layout.

The display would be installed on a 37-foot wall inside the company's home office. The layout called for a linear timeline showing four eras of the company's past.

I had photos digitized and transposed onto aluminum panels with float mounts. Other interesting historical items were salvaged and prepped for installation.

After several weeks of work, the piece was complete. More of my process + pics of the final product are below...


The installation is introduced with a 52-inch long piece of string art.

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Then I integrated a few relics from the company's early years, including the founder's original megaphone and a vintage ipod.

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The rest of the timeline is comprised of metal pictures, acrylic info plaques, digital monitors, and wall vinyls.

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The final feature is a neon sign with the phrase "Just Getting Started."

This is meant to leave the viewer with a sense of the company's future and not just its past.

The neon sign is surrounded by bright red coffee mugs. After a Booster team member finishes giving a tour to a guest, they present them with a mug bearing the company's iconic "Change the World" logo and vision statement. 

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