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Favorite Places I've Traveled

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”  — Mark Twain

There is nothing I love quite as much as traveling. When life gets stressful, my coping mechanism of choice is flight-browsing & letting myself dream about where to go next. 

Here's a little roundup of my favorite places I've visited in my time on this earth so far. Enjoy!

B.T. Harman

P.S. - I wrote a little summary on my best tips for international travel. Check it out, then go book a flight. ✈️


#11 - Akumal, Mexico 


B.T.'s TAKE: Akumal is where you go on the Mayan Riviera if you want to escape the high-rises of Cancun. Only an hour away.

CAN'T MISS: 1. Swim with the sea turtles in Akumal Bay. 2. Eat at Buena Vida—the coolest little seaside restaurant..


#10 - Santorini, Greece


B.T.'s TAKE: Instagram has made Santorini a little cliche, but it's still one-of-a-kind. (FYI, here's a FB album of our full trip to Greece.)

CAN'T MISS: Take the half-day sunset cruise with the bottomless white wine. One of the most relaxing experiences of my life.


#9 - Rome, Italy

rome copy.jpg

B.T.'s TAKE: I'm obsessed with history, and Rome is about as good as it gets. I don't think you can fully appreciate 1. the Bible and 2. Western culture unless you visit Rome. (FYI, here's a FB album of my full trip to Italy.)

CAN'T MISS: St. Peter's Basilica, constructed in the 16th century, is the grandest church in the world. It's a literal sense.


#8 - Kauai, Hawaii, USA

hawaii copy.jpg

B.T.'s TAKE: I know honeymooning in Hawaii is pretty basic, but we loved it. It was prettier than I imagined—every imaginable shade of green. We only went to Kauai, so looking forward to hitting up the other islands in the future. (FB photo album of our trip here.)

CAN'T MISS: Napali Coast by boat or air.


#7 - Ireland

ireland copy.jpg

B.T.'s TAKE: One of the best days of my life was with my good college friends in Ireland. We rented a car and drove all the way across the island, from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher. We stopped at virtually every crumbling castle along the way. (FYI, here's an awkwardly personal retelling of my trip to Europe with Chris).

CAN'T MISS: Cliffs of Moher


#6 - Sydney, Australia

sydney copy.jpg

B.T.'s TAKE: Imagine Los Angeles without all the pretense and waaaay more laid-back people. That's Sydney. Very active, outdoorsy culture with chill vibes to the max. (FYI, FB photo album of my trip here.)

CAN'T MISS: Rent a car and day-trip to the Blue Mountains.


#5 - Tokyo, Japan

tokyo copy.jpg

B.T.'s TAKE: I had three Japanese fraternity brothers in college, and I recently got to visit them in Tokyo. The massive scale of the city (2x-3x bigger than NYC) and the universal kindness of the people was unlike anything I'd ever seen. (FB album of my trip here)

CAN'T MISS: Just google "world's busiest intersection." Then go there.


#4 - London, England


B.T.'s TAKE: A top moment of my life was the midnight Christmas Eve service at Westminster Abbey. London should be high on your list of global cities to visit before you die. (FB album of my solo trip to London in 2015 here)

CAN'T MISS: The British Museum is the best museum in the world. I wanted to set up a tent in the corner and never leave.


#3 - Cinque Terre, Italy

cinque terre copy.jpg

B.T.'s TAKE: These five rugged fishing villages scattered along the Mediterranean coastline are the epitome of vintage European charm. One of my top spots in the world. (Full FB album here.)

CAN'T MISS: Hike the trails between the villages...utterly soul-cleansing.


#2 - Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland


B.T.'s TAKE:  The most fun day of my life was here. I rented an electric bike in Interlaken and rode it 40 miles solo into the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Words can't describe it. (Video of my bike adventure above.)

CAN'T MISS: Rent a bike here and have the guy working the counter point you in the direction of the LV. You don't need a map...just start pedaling.


#1 - Barcelona, Spain


B.T.'s TAKE: Barcelona is the greatest city in the world. THERE...I said it...b/c it's true. Barcelona is the perfect cluster of history, art, architecture, food, drink, sidewalk cafes & beaches. And the city itself is a flawless example of good urban design.

CAN'T MISS: Well, the massively impressive Sagrada Familia is the easy answer it should be. But after that: Do a bike tour with these guys. You won't regret it. 


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