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Life Achievements I'm Most Proud Of

As an 11th grader I started a fundraiser in my high school called "Feathers for Food." It was Thanksgiving themed, and people bought feathers for $1 to attach to a giant paper turkey. We raised a couple thousand dollars for a local food bank. 

I remember that first feeling of motivating & mobilizing people to get behind a project with heart. That started my "career" in doing work that matters. I've always gravitated towards projects and jobs that will make some kind of difference. 

This list is a roundup of those projects—from present-day, to career, to college.

Of course, not one of these was a solo job. I've always been very blessed with a supporting cast of family, friends, bosses, and co-workers who've helped each of these dreams become real. I'll always be grateful for their support. 

B.T. Harman



2005 - 2016

#1- Helping Raise $150,000,000 for Schools 

booster rotating.gif

For 11 years, I worked for an incredible school fundraising company called Booster. I was the Vice President of Client Experience and a member of the executive team. During that time, we raised American schools $150mill and saw the company grow to 500 team members. 



2005 - 2016

#2 - Character Development Program for 1,000,000+ Students

boosterthon themes rotating.gif

At Booster I led an in-house creative team that developed original character development curriculum for 1,000,000+ students annually. Each theme (highlighted above) consisted of lessons, workbooks, videos, music, and other assets.

(FYI, here's a behind-the-scenes look [of a baby-faced me] talking about the process of creating one of those annual themes.)


2016 - 2017

#3 - Blue Babies Pink


In 2016, I published a personal memoir on a blog called Blue Babies Pink. I then turned it into a podcast which eventually reached the top 50 of all podcasts worldwide. To date, over 100,000 people have engaged with the Blue Babies Pink story.


2017 - Present

#4 - Harbor

Harbor Logo - FINAL - full image - insta image-small.jpg

In 2017, I launched Harbor, an online support program for Christian parents of LGBT kids. There are currently more than 250 parents enrolled and learning how to understand, love, & support their children better. 


2013 - Present

#5 - Beloved Atlanta Board of Directors


In 2013, I met the founders of a brand new non-profit startup called Beloved Atlanta. Their mission was to provide homes and healing for women coming out of the sex industry. They asked me to serve as an advisor, and I happily agreed. Since its founding, the organization has flourished, and they now have three homes in Atlanta housing women in recovery.



#6 - ATO Top Chapter

top chapter.jpg

In 2003, I was a junior in college and the president of my fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega. That year, our chapter was selected as ATO's top chapter nationwide (out of 175+). In 2004, we received the Award of Distinction from the North American Interfraternity Conference as one of the top five chapters among all fraternity chapters nationwide (5,000+).



#7 - ATO's Thomas Arkle Clark Award


The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity's highest honor is called the Thomas Arkle Clark Award. It's given to one undergraduate member annually for excellence in scholarship, leadership, integrity, etc. (Video of 2005 acceptance speech above.)



#8 - National NIC Award of Distinction


The North American Interfraternity Conference recognizes several undergraduates as the top fraternity men in America. The winners of the Award of Distinction are "exemplary members of their organizations and serve their brothers, campuses and fraternity communities with humble confidence."



#9 - Turris Fidelis Award

Turris Fidelis copy.jpg

The University of North Alabama's highest award conferred on a graduating senior is the Turris Fidelis award. It is awarded "on the basis of outstanding service to the university, as well as superior scholastic achievement."



2004 - 2005

#10 - Founding Reading-Partner Mentors (RPM)


In college I started a student organization called Reading-Partner Mentors. The program paired 100 university students with local elementary school students for an hour of weekly reading/tutoring.

In 2004, the organization received the "Service to Education Award" from the Higher Education Partnership. 

(Original RPM recruitment brochure shown above).


2004 - 2006 / 2012 - 2020

#11 - ATO Board of Directors

ato board.JPG

Alpha Tau Omega is "America's Leadership Development Fraternity." Its National Board of Directors oversees the organization's governance and 10,000+ undergraduate members. 

I've served two separate stints on the board—once as an undergrad and now as an alumni member. 



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