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Most Ridiculous Pics from My Childhood

I was a strange child. 

I thought terrariums were cool, and I obsessed over spelling bees and archaeology. Nevertheless, here's a recap of the weirdness from my beginnings in Texas and Alabama.

B.T. Harman



babychildhood - parents.jpg

Born near Ft. Worth, Texas to two amazing parents, Bill & Laura.



babychildhood - family.jpg

My dad was a preacher and my mom was a teacher. I have two older brothers, Brady & Brian.



toddlerchildhood - toilet - best.jpg

Taking care of business since 1981 💩.



mid childhood - harvey.png

My first grade teacher, Mrs. Harvey, wrote a note to my parents once. She told them she thought I'd "make a great story-teller."



mid childhood - fish.jpg

Doubt I caught one of these. But I'm glad dad recorded this special moment of me rockin' this Knight Rider shirt. 



mid childhood - alf.jpg

I'm the awkward one in the ALF shirt. Our family moved to Alabama around the time I went to kindergarten. As you can tell, I had many friends.



mid childhood gay.jpg

Made this in third grade. How they didn't know I was gay then is beyond me.




Lookin' tough in my jams shorts, next to mom's petunias. I swore off sports with sticks after 8th grade.



mid childhood - book.jpg

My storytelling ways were in full effect by 4th grade when I wrote my first book for a school project. "Ohio Smith" was my riff on Indiana Jones....get it? 



high school - basketball.jpg

Me and my best buddy from back in the day, Tom. High school basketball team, circa 1999. (Here's a super-grainy, yet-still-amazing vid of Tom dunking for the first time in high school. Assist by yours truly.)




TRUE STORY: When I turned 18, I booked a local Christian rock band called Salvatron to provide entertainment. Their big hit was "Serving God in a Blue Jean Generation." When they played it, I put a pair of blue jeans on the end of a broomstick and hoisted it in the air. 🤦🏻‍♂️



high school - football.jpg

Here I am with my dad and two brothers. This was taken during my senior season of football. My dad got really sick when I was in high school. I'm pointing at the number 86 which was his football number in high school. 



high school - senior pic.jpg

Senior pics! Hot stuff with that swaggy lean & Hilfiger polo.



highschool - dad.jpg

This is one of the last pics I took with my dad before he passed away from ALS on December 31, 2000. I still miss him a lot. 

(A while back, I wrote a thing about my dad. You can read it here... but brace yourself though.)


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